Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Might be short.


Aa' (how are you)? This past week has been slow, but good. 

On Tuesday, we went and saw Nigel Sam, and talked to him about receiving the Aaronic Preisthood. He was super excited for that and had a lot of questions. That entire family is amazing. Valentina, the mom, is trying to get back to the temple not only for her, but for her family as well. Niyah is being baptized this Saturday on her birthday. She is excited. After she get's baptized, She is headed to Youth Conference with Nigel next week, and they are going to the Temple in Monticello. Valentina, Nigel, and Niyah are all really excited for that.

On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference in Cortez. It was great! It was super long, but very uplifting and helpful. We did How to Begin Teaching roleplays, and I was paired with Elder Lewis, one of the Assistants. He thought I'd been out longer than I had. He was very helpful with just giving me compliments. He goes home at the end of this transfer, so it will be super hard to see him go. He's super cool, and just down to earth. During ZConf, Elders Nichols and Hudson did a training on teaching with the Spirit. My favorite quote from the day was from Elder Nichols, he said, "If you want to drop a spiritual A-Bomb on someone, bear testimony!" Elder Middleton and I could not keep it together after that. We died laughing. After Zone Conference, we went to Wal-Mart with Elder Nichols and Elder Hudson. We did some shopping and left the thriving metropolis of Cortez Colorado. 

On Thursday, we went and saw Eric Begay. He is super open to hearing from us, but the thing he struggles with is the Word of Wisdom. We haven't taught him that yet, but we are for sure going to be listening to the spirit with that one. We went and did some service for Leroy Boy, a member. We also shared with him the Gospel Principles lesson about the Gifts of the Spirit. I felt like he got a lot out of that. Later in the day, we went and saw Rose Goodman. We aren't sure if she is a Member or not. We had some time to kill in between appointments, so Elder Middleton got the impression to go to her. She was very happy to see us. Her grandson just died at only 4 months old. She was super upset about that, so we shared 2 Nephi 32:9 and told her to pray and seek the strength of the Lord. She Invited us back, so we are going to see her this week.

On Friday, Nobody was home. We did weekly planning, and we got out to the Reservation and pretty much came right back in. That was hard.

Saturday was the same as Friday, except we got a lesson with a less active member named Don Tsosie. We are trying our hardest to get him back to church. He comes every so often. But the branch needs him there more!

On Sunday, President and Sister Adams came to church in Bluff. It was nice to have them there. They are such amazing people. After church, we went out to the Sam's for Nigel's youngest sister Pia's birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We got there late, so all of the mutton was cold. Let me just say that cold mutton is pretty much the worst. I ate about half of my mutton and couldn't do it anymore. 

We have Zone Training this week, and Elder Middleton and I are training on Goals during that. Well that's pretty much it. I hope you all are well. Ayoo Aniinishni (Love you all)


Elder Breinholt
New Mexico Farmington Mission 

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