Monday, August 24, 2015


Received August  17, 2015


Well, this has been an interesting week. So on Tuesday, we went to try some people, but all of our appointments fell through, so we tried some other people, and they weren't home.

Wednesday, We saw Sylvia and Charles. Sylvia is on date for September 5th. She is almost ready, she just needs to continue to go to church and pray and read. Later that day, we went and saw a man named Chris. He is in a physical rehab facility. He is a really cool guy that really wants to get baptized and be a member of the church. He's great. We also saw Evalisa Stevenson. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She had questions about  the Holy Ghost, and also questions about repentance. The spirit was really strong, and she had a solid understanding of what we were teaching about. She is progressing really well. Her boyfriend, Brian, is also progressing well, but he hasn't been home for some of the lessons. We are hoping to get them Waptized (Wedding and a Baptism).

Thursday, we had District Meeting, and that went really well. Elder Richards our DL is super cool. We had dinner later that evening with the Aiekle's. They are a couple in their 20's. Johnathon was recently called as a ward missionary, and he is super cool. He also played in the Energy Classic Tournament in '06, so he knows where Gillette is! That was cool.

Friday, we did weekly planning, and that ate up the majority of the day. It was good though. I also got the opportunity to organize the 4th ward area book. (It was a mess) 

Saturday, we did some service. We went to the animal shelter and walked some dogs. I enjoy doing that. The dogs are super chill... most of the time. Then we helped an investigator named Sudel (he is a Liberian man) move a pool table. Luckily, it was a wood topped one, so it wasn't to heavy to move. We tried to contact some referrals later, and none of them were home.

Sunday. Man you think 3 hours of church is hard? Try 6! That's all I'm gonna say

Well that was my week. Hope you all are well. Ayoo' Anishnii'


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