Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sup Y'all??


So, this week has been well with me. Tuesday was bitter-sweet. We had some dang good lessons with some less actives an some recent converts. We taught Jack Schindler the Restoration again, because he has to be taught all of the lessons after baptism. We had the Cason's with us. They are some of best Ward Missionaries around! They did a pretty good job teaching the majority of the lesson. One of the Part Member Families that we have been teaching, just dropped us out of the blue. It was really sad, and we thought they were doing just grand with the lessons. I was pretty sad after that. But we had some lessons in the evening that cheered me up.

Wednesday, we had a lesson with a less active family and they said they were going to be comming to church yesterday. Only the husband came, because the wife wasn't feeling well. It was good to see him there though! We also got to walk dogs at the shelter, so that was fun! I walked a dog named Galadriel. She was a neat dog, and If we could have pet's on the mission, I would adopt her.

Thursday, we had district meeting. It was pretty fun, because we played a Jeopardy game that Elder Richards came up with. I scored on the church history questions (Thanks Mom for teaching the Doctrine and Covenants last year). That was pretty neat! We had a pretty slow day, because all of our appointments fell trough. We disd see John Valdez, and had a really good discussion with him.

Friday, We went to the Jail and had a good discussion with an inmate in there. He is doing well and trying to "get out by November so that" we "can Baptize" him. He is a neat dude. We also saw Sylvia Ortiz, she is doing well, and is back on date for baptism again. She is scheduled for Oct. 10. She is so ready and wants to be baptized so badly. 

Saturday, We did some service with some members in 1st Ward, the Palfreyman's. It was a lot of fun painting some lady's house. Elder Bratt also got the call, that he was going to be a district leader in Luepp, AZ. He is pretty excited to leave Farmington, mainly because he as been here for almost 6 months, and that's how long he's been out. He'll do well. I will be in 4th Ward here in Farmington, with Elder "Brown" Ellis. Everyone calls him Brown Ellis, because he is one of two Elder Ellis's, but he is the only Brown one. He is Half Mexican, Half Northern Ute. It's his last transfer, but I guess he is going to finnish strong! I'm excited, because he sounds like a pretty neat dude. They are Splitting our area, 4th and 7th, Halleluja! We are Excited. 7th ward is being Pink Washed by 3 sisters. It should be a "transision". They'll do well though.

Anyway, Hope all is well with Y'all. Thank you for your Prayers. Keep the Faith, Live the Truth. Love the Lord.

Ayoo' Anishnii'. Hagoonee',

Elder Breinholt
New Mexico Farmington Mission 

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