Monday, October 19, 2015

Good Week!

Hello all. I'll try to keep this short...ish.

Tuesday, we had zone conference! it was super neat. It was a very long day. We also saw John Valdez. He is doing better and better every time we see him. 

Wednesday, we saw the Peace family. They are less active, but slowly they are coming back. They fed us dinner and we talked with them for a while. We also saw Teresa Nelson. She is a spiritual giant. She wants to come back to church and get to the temple. Its so great to see that burning desire in someone. We saw Freddy Eskeet for the first time in a long long while. He was so happy to see us and we read with him from the Book of Mormon.

Thursday, we had Zone Training. It went well. They challenged us to do more tracting. I hate tracting, but it's a necessary evil. We saw John Valdez again and yet again he is doing better and better! 

Friday was weekly planning day, so that's what we did. 

Saturday, we cleaned our apartment. It was bad. Definitely needed to be done. 

Sunday, was church of course. It was uplifting ad it pumped me up to take on the world! I was so excited to work hard starting this week. We are going to hit it hard and get to work!

Love you all! 

Elder Breinholt
New Mexico Farmington Mission

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