Sunday, March 27, 2016

I'm loving Shiprock!

Ya'at'eeh Shima,

I love how the Lord used that symbol as well. I've thought a lot about that. If you think about how the temple is where we go to feel closer to the Lord, its so true. In a sense, the Temple is a Terrestial place for two reasons. 1. If the savior were to appear to the prophet, apostles, or anyone, he would most likely show himself in the Temple and 2.The adversary cannot and will not enter therein. So thus we are free from the influence of the adversary when we are worthy and valiant in attending the temple and honoring the covenants we make there. That's why it is necessary that we are worthy to go and participate in the ordinances there. If we are not, the influence of the adversary will take hold more than we thought possible. That's probably why those people who have entered into the Temple, made covenants and then fallen away are so hostile to the Church and specifically the ordinances we perform in the Temple. It is truly a higher plane than the world in which we live in today. I just thought you would find that parallel interesting.

(In response to the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple)

I heard that that was happening! Man, I would love to have been there to experience it. I hope one day I will be able to be present at a Temple Dedication. That is so cool! Elder Oaks is just amazing. I'm so excited to hear what he has to say at G-Conf. I'm just all around excited for General Conference. We get spiritual revelation to help the people we work with, and we don't have to wear our suit coats to proselyte anymore (...well, 'til October Conference)! It's so awesome!! 

This week has been equally good if not better than last! So many amazing things are happening in this ward. We have a baptism on Saturday for a kid named Sonny B. He's either 12 or 13, but his Mom is a returning member. She is awesome. We are so excited for him to get baptized. We have a baptism 2 weeks from Saturday for a girl named Tara Foster. She is solid! She knows she wants to be baptized. She lived up in Ogden when she was 9 to when she was like 11. She never got baptized even though her foster parents were members. She decided she wanted it to be her decision. So 16 years later, she wants to be baptized. She has been coming to church, but only staying for sacrament the past few weeks. We invited her to stay tor Sunday School and Relief Society yesterday and she did. She left before we could ask her how she felt and how it went. We have a lesson with her on Wednesday, so we are hoping that she recognizes the importance of Church.

We found a new investigator named Virgil K We were getting out of our truck to go tract, and he was the one that walked up to us and started asking us questions! He was is the land lord for the group of trailers that we were going to knock. He said he has been having family and friends push him to become a member. He said he has thought about becoming a member, but wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. We asked him if he had read the Book of Mormon, he said he hadn't but he had heard a lot about it. We asked if he wanted a copy and he said he did. We wrote our Names, Emails, and the date we gave him the book at his request. He told us to give him a call and set up a time to stop by. We are excited to work with him.

Last evening, we had a visit with the Second Counselor of the Bishopric. We asked what we needed to do better to increase the conversion of the ward. He said that all of the members in the ward need to have Christlike love for everyone else. If we could not stand the thought of any being lost to the adversary as in the case of the sons of Mosiah, this ward would be better off. It was a pretty cool thought, and I agree wholeheartedly. That's what this ward needs.

We have a semi less active guy named Marcus that we are working with. He's Sonny's uncle. He was baptized a year ago, and he want's to get to the Temple. He has sincere drive and desire to do what's right. He's in the process of building a handicap ramp for a guy in a wheelchair. He didn't finish on Saturday, so he needed to carry it into Sunday. He knew he needed to be to church, but the guy was stranded in his house. He came to sacrament meeting and left right after to go and finish the ramp. He is just a good guy. We are excited for him

Elder Brurud and I told ourselves that we were going to work our butts off and that we were going to more than 20 lessons in this last week. Guess what... We got 22 lessons. That's pretty hard to do on the reservation, especially in our area because it's so spread out, but we did it! Man... he and I are EXHAUSTED. We were so happy to exceed a pretty high goal that we set for ourselves. We were talking the other night about how the exhaustion we are feeling is not a bad exhaustion, but it's the kind of rewarding exhaustion. Last week was a dead sprint. We are pumped revved and ready to go for this week. Last week did have it's moments when we were pretty discouraged, but we just remembered what Heleman said to Nephi and Lehi. Helaman 5:12. We thought, if we focus more on how we need to come more unto Christ, than we shouldn't feel discouraged. That's exactly what happened. The moment we realized that, is the moment where we got our butts in gear, kicked it in to overdrive, and made our goal. The Lord has blessed us so much this last week. He has great things in store for the people here in Shiprock.   

I aim to work even harder this week. I used to be apprehensive about knocking on strangers doors, but the more I do it, the more I love it. Same thing with talking to Adlaniis, or Glaniis, (Drunks). I am now to the point of feeling the way Christ feels for people. I understand how he feels when people break the commandments.

Hope everything else is going well!

We have a lesson in a few minutes, so I have to go. I love you. 


Elder B.

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