Sunday, April 3, 2016

Aoo' Ya'at'eeh Easterdi!

Easter is an amazing time to reflect on the Savior's life and sacrifice for us. I love Easter for that reason! I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I love everything about it.
My week was good! I've seen quite a few miracles happen in our area this past week. We taught a total of 31 lessons this week. We busted our butts, and it's paid off. We had very spiritual lessons with everyone we saw. Sonny B. was Baptized on Saturday, and confirmed on Sunday. It was awesome to see that! I think the most rewarding thing that happened this week was two lessons we had with a new investigator family, the G. Family. Frieda, Lawrence and Sheldon. They are all Active Methodists, but they love having us over. The missionaries used to stop by every week. Brother C., one of the former Bishops, is really good friends with them. He is going to come to the lesson we have on Thursday with them. We just need them to come to church with us one time, and I think they might just want to come back... Funny how the spirit works like that. We had a lesson with Marcus on Saturday, We talked a lot about fulfilling our callings. He told us he was a ward missionary, so we asked if he would be willing to go to lessons with us. He said he would. Man, that guy is awesome. There was a Early Morning Easter program that the Kirtland Stake primary put on. It was a pretty cool thing to experience. Marcus picked us up early Sunday morning to go to it. He really enjoyed it. We had another visit with him last evening. We talked about his testimony, his reason for wanting to attend the Temple, and Patriarchal Blessings. His desires are righteous. He wants to come to church and receive the blessings of the gospel. He is starting to realize the eternal significance of everything we do and teach. It's been really neat to see. Tarra is set to be baptized two weeks from Saturday, she is really excited. During weekly planning, the spirit told us that Marcus needs to be Tarra's fellow-shipper. He asked us why Tarra sat alone in sacrament. Maybe the lord has something in mind for them, maybe not. I think he would really help her to solidify her testimony. He has been on the upward climb after a downward slide for a few months. Someone who is really working hard for the gospel should be a really good example for Tarra. We are really excited for how things are panning out in this area.

Something unfortunate that happened, we had to drop a less active guy that we were working with. The lesson we had with him yesterday was terrible. We were teaching the Plan of  Salvation, and literally everything we taught, he just argued with us about it, using unstable verses from the Bible. And it hadn't been just that lesson, it was every lesson we had with him before that too, but this one was worse than any of the other ones. It was really sad, and I think the Lord was a little upset too.
Everything else this week went really well though.
Keep up the hard work! Love you,
Elder Breinholt

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