Monday, April 11, 2016

It is. I know it. God knows it.

I'm so excited to go to the temple and perform the Endowment for John H. Call. I'm getting a little emotional the more I look at the card, because, I was the one that was proxy for his baptism, confirmation and initiatory. It will be emotional to go through for his endowment. I'm glad that you had that great experience to attend a branch such as Ranchester. Most of the Branches on the Reservation are like that. Small in numbers, but large in spirit. 
I'm sad that I won't be with you for this round of Disney, but I'm sure you will have a fun time without me.
This week was pretty good. We had Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge of the 70 come and address the mission. He was so nice, and so spiritual.
Tarra didn't get baptized on Saturday, so it will probably be either this weekend or next.
Marcus is still working towards the temple.

Linda C. returned to church this Sunday. She hasn't been to church in a long time. It was great to see her there.
I've started studying Jesus the Christ again, and I had an amazing revelation given to me when paralleling Talmage's take on the names of Christ with what the Lord told Moses in the burning bush. Moses asked, "Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?" The Lord said, "I AM THAT I AM". Talmage says, "The central fact connoted by this name, I Am, or Jehovah, the two having essentially the same meaning". I thought that verse meant that was saying, "It doesn't matter who I am, just know that I am here, and I am thy God." But now I realize that Christ was revealing himself unto Moses. He is the one that would come into the world to complete and fulfill the very law that Moses would receive at his hand and his mouth. Interesting how Christ is so intricate in all aspects of our lives. He knows us. He wants us to come unto him. He needs us to fulfill his work.Without Christ, we are nothing, and without us, his work would not roll forth out to the mount.
I'm almost finished with the Book of Mormon. It's been great to study in depth the counsels of Mormon and Moroni. They truly saw our day. They admonish us to Come unto Christ. I love the Book of Mormon and this Gospel. No man can honestly and sincerely read and pray about it and then say it isn't true. It is. I know it. God knows it. I stand with Nephi when he said, "If ye believe not in these words, believe in Christ. And if ye believe in Christ, you shall believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ. And you and I shall stand face to face at his bar, and you will know that I have been commanded of him to write these things."
I am so excited for this week. Elder Cook and Elder Echohawk are coming to the mission on the 30th of this month. The entire mission will gather in Farmington to hear an Apostle of the Lord. It should be amazing.
That's all for this week. We will get transfer news next weekend, the 23rd, and Elder Brurud and I are both hoping things stay the same.
Love you,
Elder Breinholt

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