Friday, December 4, 2015

Good Week!

Received November 30, 2015

This last week started out pretty slow.

Tuesday we taught Abe Trujillo. We had a good discussion with him about the pre earth life and why we are here. He said he's not too interested in reading the Book of Mormon, but we are going to help him to get to that point. We also went on exchanges with the 8th ward Elders. I went with Elder Dupin. It was pretty fun. We saw John Valdez and read some scriptures with him. He is slowly but surely progressing towards the priesthood. We are pumped for him.

Wednesday, we had a lesson with Elmer. He is a new investigator. He is almost 90 years old. He is pretty cool. Quick as a whip though! He is concerned about his wife. She passed around 3 years ago, so we are planning on going through the Plan of Salvation with him. Hopefully that will put his concerns at ease. 

Thursday of course was T-Giving! It was hard being away from family, but it was good to be with the Haynies. They are practically family to Elder Davis and I. We love them and they love us. We also ate at the Allens, who live right down the street from the Haynies. They are an awesome family as well. Sister Allen let us throw some clay and make our own pottery. It was cool. 

Friday, we did our weekly planning. We saw Sister Hale and had an awesome lesson with her. We focused on being steadfast in Christ. It was a good lesson. We went to the Jail and taught Shelby Davis. He is really close to his release date. As soon as he get's released he will go back to live with his family in Kirtland, NM Just down the road from Farmington. 

Saturday, we did some tracting. We found some potential in the area we knocked. But other than that, it was just a lot of walking. 

Sunday, we had a lot of success. We taught a lesson to Ivan Mills. We committed him to Read John 10. He said he would, so that is a start for him! We also contacted a Less Active Lady with MS named Myra. She wants to come back to church so bad! We are going to help her through the ward, as much as we can. Her husband is not a member, so hopefully some good comes out of that! We also saw Kenney Vogt. He is wanting to come back to church. He knows the things he needs to do in order for him to be more spiritually helped by the lord. 

Things are really starting to pick up here in the 4th Ward. We are going to work our shoes off this week. The lord prepares people, including missionaries in strange ways, I have been feeling lately, that I may become a Spanish Elder next transfer. I don't know why, but I will go and do the things that the Lord commands. I have no clue if it'll happen, but I think it would be cool to learn a different language.... Something a little more useful than Navajo. haha no offence to Dine Bizaad. It's a  super neat language, but it is dying. it's sad, but true.

Anyway, hope y'all are doing good things! 


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