Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Yo Yo Yo.

This week has been a good'n. (One of our investigators says good'n all the time. He's an old cowboy, and he is awesome!)

Tuesday, we went and taught Vicky Neal. We showed her the new Christmas Video, A Savior is Born. She really enjoyed it! We also had dinner with the Dollars. They are Less active, but super awesome none the less. We had a good visit with them with showing the Christmas video.  We also had a good lesson with John Valdez. It was super spiritual reading with him in the book of Alma regarding the Conversion of Lamoni. He really enjoyed the scriptural account and message that sends. 

Wednesday, we went on exchanges with the 8th ward elders. I was in 8th with eler Loucks from Morgan, UT. We walked the entire day. We met a guy (Super inactive, but really friendly and invited them (the 8th ward elders) back anytime) who is originally from Green River. I told him i was from Gillette, he said, "I'm sorry!" haha it was pretty funny.'

Thursday, we had District Meeting. We later went and saw Teresa Nelson. We taught her the last half of the restoration. She had a lot of good questions and I hope we answered them all in the like manner that Christ would. It was neat! We also saw John Valdez again. It was a great lesson as always. Full of testimony and the spirit. 

Friday, we did our Weekly Planning Sesh. It was awesome. We received a lot of sweet revelation regarding the Farmington 4th Ward. That led us to want to do some super hard work the next day, and this week. We went with Jared Haynie to go see Kenney Vogt, one of our recent converts. He was a little inebriated, but that's okay. He  is a very emotional drunk. He felt the spirit as did we. He knows the things he needs to do in order to change. He's almost there,  but when he gets there, he is going to be so successful. 

Saturday, we had a great day. We went on exchanges... again... but this time with the Zone leaders. It was awesome. I made Elder Hozman so tired with how hard we worked that day. We had a few really good lessons, but the thing I learned the most that day is... People open up to our message if we involve christmas with it. It was so neat to see people enjoy the new video. 

Sunday was a great day. We had a great fast and testimony meeting. The Casons, two of the greatest people to walk this earth, were sealed for time and all eternity in the Albuquerque Temple on Saturday. A little back story. Tom Cason was Baptized about 7 years ago, but before that was a heavy drinker. He was baptist and didn't have anything to do with the church. Lena and Tom were married in 2004. After years of praying, the Lord finally heard Lena's call. Tom received his endowment on Saturday and later was sealed to his wife. He told me of the experience, "I feel like I'm floating. The spirit was so strong in that room. I didn't want to leave. I am just so excited." I kinda said, "I told ya so." I told him that it would be the most amazingly rewarding experiences of his life. He didn't doubt for a second. I am so happy for that family. They are just phenomenal. Anyway, we also saw Ivan Mills. We went with Brother Gary Morris. Ivan is finally a progressing investigator. His wife is really active and works in the Temple in Albuquerque. I'm sure she's been praying pretty hard in that holy place for her dear husband. We have been praying pretty hard as well. He is "Hard Shell Baptist" as he puts it. He read our commitment we left with him last time, and we didn't think he was going to even do that. We asked him to read John 10. Months ago, he would have said that he didn't need to. We left him with a commitment to read 3 Nephi 11. He accepted!!!!!!!! Things are looking good on that plane. 

This week has been rewarding! We have started to see the fruits of our labors. It's been rough, but we are getting somewhere. It's been kind of like, trying to garden in Gillette, WY. Difficult to get anything to grow. But with enough faith, "all things are possible to him that believeth," as the Savior counsels. This work is the work of God. I've seen that time and time again this week. The Lord's work is truly amazing.

I hope you all are well! Keep up the good work!

"Life is movement. We go up or down, and develop the best or the worst of us in the journey.  Some journeys are full of struggle...some are full of success.  But the thing that makes for success is the struggle and difficulty for without difficulties to overcome, there would be no such thing as succeeding.  

Difficulties develop strength, resolution, resources.  Problems are too often regarded as enemies, but they are not such.  Storms and dangers alone make skilled sailors.

The fiercest of foes develops your strength and your skill.  So do not be frightened by problems and difficulties or discouraged because of them.  They are your opportunities for winning.  Your chances for success."

Charles H. Darkhurst

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