Friday, December 4, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Received November 23, 2015

Yo! Sounds like you've done a lot of driving lately! Glad you've had fun! :) I will for sure pray for my family!

Pray that I don't devolop symptoms of hauntavirus. We were up in an old attic for 2 hours this morning sealling a shotty HV/AC job. It was so dusty and dirty. So, pray for that please! 

I'm happy y'all are going to have a good time. We are going to the Haynies for Thanksgiving, so that'll be as close to home as I get! Sounds good. I'll be looking for them. We have to go to the post office today to get a key for our mailbox. 

I will write robbie back right now. If he's there, I'll just email it to yours! 

It's okay, we have had a few slow weeks. In fact, we were tracting yesterday, and we handed out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon, the three people we handed them out to... don't live in our ward. It was pretty discouraging, but hey, we tried our best, that's all the Lord can ask of us! Haha those pictures! :) haha. Yup,  John Lowe is the editor of that page. He came to our ward, and asked if he could take a picture with us, so we said yes. I havent even seen that page, so yeah. I probably look like... a turkey! :) 

So, yeah. We're trying to work hard, and this week has been a bummer. But we will try harder this week!

Email me back please! 

Love elder b

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